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Alpha Kennels Wire Fox TerriersLocated in Windsor, Ontario (but easily delivered to areas in and around Southwestern Ontario, Northern Ohio and Michigan and willing to arrange shipping anywhere in North America).WIRE FOX PUPPIES Born: July 8, 2013Our Sadie had 6 beautiful wire haired fox terriers just about ready to go to selecthomes.They are in our home and well socialized with our family and grandkids!The sire is a Birchhurst Kennel dogfrom Champion lineage as well. Both Sadie (Dam) and Mickey (Sire) have sweet dispositions. They are registered and come with a puppy package to get you started. They are fed very select natural diets and nutritional supplements to ensure continued proper growth andexcellent health. They are already primarily pad trained! All puppies will have first shots and deworming up to date. For an appointment or if you have further questions please feel free to contact me at your convenience and also please indicate which of our puppies you are most interested in. A deposit will be required to secure the puppy of your choice. We can easily deliver to areas in and around Southwestern Ontario, Northern Ohio, and Michigan.If you are a long distance from our home, I would be happy to work with you and figure out what would be the best way to deliver your puppy. I have sold puppies all over North America and delivery/shipping has never been an issue.As described on the AKC website: With his keen expression and readiness to spring into action at the slightest provocation, the Wire Fox Terrier is a typical terrier. Active, friendly and playful, the breed is highly trainable and excels in events such as agility. They are predominantly white in color with black or tan markings and possess a dense, wiry coat. Originally in the same category as the Smooth Fox Terrier, the breeds became separate in 1984. The Wire Fox Terrier has a wire-haired coat which sheds minimally. Its sturdiness and size combined with its friendly and playful nature make it an excellent companion for children. They are bold but not aggressive towards people. Fox Terriers make excellent watch dogs in the home. Although seldom used for hunting today, the breed still maintains its drive and determination.For more information or photos, please email me at jdhogan@sympatico.ca or call me at 519 980 7067. I’d be more than happy to speak with you about our puppies.

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Fox Terrier (Wire haired) Puppies for SalePuppiesThis liter was Born on June 23rd 2006, there are 3 females and 4 malesCharacteristicsWire Fox Terrier puppies are energetic and playful. They enjoy playing ball, and tug-of-war is a definite favorite with our dogs. Our puppies are very good with children. My4 Year oldplays all daywith the puppies. It’s difficult to tell who is having more fun, the children or the puppies. Adult Wire Fox Terriers grow to only 18-20 pounds, so children can play with them without fear of being knocked over by their size. We love and care for our puppiesas family members until it istime they go to their new homes.Getting your pupThe puppies have had there dewclaws removed and tails cropped. All puppies will have its first shot and worming completed. Each puppy is checked by our vet before being offered for sale.You are encouragedto take your new puppy to your vet for a full checkup. We guarantee that our puppies are healthy at the time of delivery.I prefer that the dog bepick up,if distance is too far,I canship the puppy with the airlines. We will work with you in finding the best possible route of delivery of your new puppy.As they Grow-upAs they mature, their posture becomes more stately - other dogs as well as people notice both their stance and their beauty. At the same time, they retain their playfulness. They tilt their heads when you make an unfamiliar sound. They are very intelligent and you could swear they actually are watching the television. They enjoy walking and jogging with you in the park. They will curl up beside you or on your lap when you read or watch television. They will defend and protect you from intruders.Please email me with any questions I will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have or to send more detailed pictures!!! jwhatley@cleburne.comor call 817-645-6734