Tibetan Mastiff Puppies For Sale in Arkansas

WaWaTay Tibetan Mastiffs in Arkansas

Tibetan Mastiffs, an acient and rare breed of dog that protected the livestock, homesteads and temples of the Tibetan people.A highly intelligent,loyal family guardian with the presents of a lion, thomost Tibetan Mastiffs process a special place in their hearts for childern.Thisbreedhas journeyed with man for about 5000 years, where by I am honored to say they earned their rightful place in history. Not a breed for everyone as they must have the proper socialization and trainingfor this breed hasvery much a mind of their own. They are highly intelligent, large, powerfuland athleticand dearly love their familiesbut may be aloof to strangers.For more information about this breed, go to my web site at www.wawataytibetanmastiffs.net or phone me at 870-448-5122 or email me at yhawkspirit@yahoo.com