Terms of Service

For U.S. and Canadian Customers

A current mailing address, zip or postal code and phone number must be provided. This information will be verified before a Credit card transaction is processed. Delivery and mailing addresses must pass verification procedures before order is processed.

In the event that there is a query on an address you will be asked to provide a faxed customer signature, a faxed photocopy of the credit card and provide proof of address. This will be verified.

If we cannot contact the customer by phone or the phone number is unreachable, we do not process the order.

The e-mail email address will be checked against the name on the credit card. If the real name doesn't match the e-mail name a faxed customer signature and a faxed photocopy of the credit card with proof of address will be requested before an order is processed.

Order requests from free email addresses will require incontrovertible proof of the buyer's identity. This will require but may not be limited to a faxed photocopy of the credit card with proof of address and signature. Address information will be verified.

PuppyPureBred does not offer a rush order service to credit card customers and all orders will go through the above process.

It is PuppyPureBred's policy not to ship orders to a P.O. address. A physical address must be provided. There are no exceptions to this.