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The Kennel vom Boehmerwald was founded in the early 1980th as the second kennel in Western Europe ( the first one was in Finland); the first Cuvac Kennel in Germany. Cuvac pups from our Kennel went to Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Netherland, South America and the United States. With these Cuvac and several more I bought for people because I didn't have had enough pups to satisfy everybody it started. Showing and breeding and founding Clubs all over the world.The Kennel vom Boehmerwald is the third oldest active Slovensky Cuvac kennel worldwide. Only Anton Cizmar's kennel z Pozdisovskej doliny and the Finish Kennel of Erki Kettunen are older.In 2008 Elisabeth moved to Texas and took over the "Slovensky Cuvac Dog Club of America 1982", which will have the 30th anniversiary in 2012! She imported Slovensky Cuvac from Slovakia. 1. Ulka z Pozdisovskej doliny from her breeder friend Anton Cizmar; 2. Xenia vom Boehmerwald born in Europe +; Dara spod Babej hory; Obella Janin ranc and Cedrik Orlicky talisman, who is the Sire of the last two litters in 2011 and 2012.Ulka has had a litter in 2010/ 9 pups and 2011/8pups, Dara has her first litter 3 years old 02.2012/7 pupsElisabeth Pisula281-344-0027slovenskycuvacusa@gmail.comPresident of "Slovensky Tchouvatch Dog Club Of America"website: