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SOUTHERN SPIRIT WOLF HYBRIDS Come and enjoy the kindred spirit of the wolf amongst the southern tropics of Florida. Enjoy the beauty of these remarkable animals and learn the true meaning of the" kindred spirit". PROSPECIVE BUYERS WILL BE SCREENED. DEPOSITS ARE REQUIRED For Addititional Information Call Brian Zelenak Phone: 352 793-2428Visit us at our Web Site Between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time Monday - Saturday

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Starcross Wolves is one of the largest Hybrid wolf breeding intallation.With over 20 yearly litters, we have a pup for you. With over 20 years ofowning and training hybrid wolves, you can't beat our animals. Take a lookat our website and the 45 adult wolves who make up the Starcroos Wolfpacks. Emial us or give us a call at 903-498-5962 and972-351-3548

Potempa's in Illinois

Our german shepherd/wolf mix pups were born on May 12th. There are still 4 females available! We are the owners of the mother and father as well. Mom, Dad and pups are beautiful and have wonderful temperaments. They have been introduced to dogs and humans of all ages. Please call Pat (847.331.5729) or Sarah (847.275.7589) forfurther information, or e-mail at: