Pomeranian Puppies For Sale in Michigan

Elegant Toy Pomeranians in Michigan

Elegant Toy Pomeranians. Irene Burns, St. Clair, Michigan. Phone: 810-367-3148. My goal is to provide my new owners with the following: 1. Healthy and Happy puppies 2. Provide a health guarantee 3. A well adjusted stable temperament. Most of my puppies go into homes with children and grandchildren. 4. Beauty: I breed as close to the breed standard as I feel possible. I have many unique colors, including merles, as well as the more common colors. I care deeply about all of my puppies/dogs, even when they leave my home, to join their new families. I want my puppies to go into a stable, permanent home, where they are loved and cherished. I am always here for assistance, for the life of my puppies/dogs, even if they change ownership. Please feel free to call and chat about any questions you may have. You can call me at: 810-367-3148. Because I spend most of my time and energy with my puppies/dogs, I don't have time to spend on e-mails, so please, phone calls only.