German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale in North Carolina

Von Hayden Shepherds in North Carolina

I am a breeder of German Shepherd dogs. Pure Whites, Blacks, Black and Tan, and Silvers. Our main priority is to breed the best all around German Shepherd Dog. My mother bred White German Shepherds for most of her life, under the kennel name of Von Hayden Kennels. Years back she got real sick with Cancer and we were forced to find good homes for the dogs we had, and used for breeding. A couple years later she lost her battle with Cancer. It was then I decided to follow in her footprints, I know she would be proud because German Shepherds were her life. Proudly to say, they are now my entire world! I have 2 partners, my father whom breed dogs with my mother/his wife years ago. Then there's my husband, we take great pride and joy in our dogs. I have 9 dogs that currently live with my husband and I in North Carolina. NOT one of the dogs are kennel dogs. They are rather much like our children. They are all house broken, trained, and well behaved dogs. They love other animals, great with children of all ages. Other dogs I own are with my friends/family as family pets, they are also used for breeding. My German Shepherd dogs are very friendly, outgoing, loving, smart, protective, playful, intelligent, and SPOILED! I consider these dogs my "Guardian Angels"! I think you will too! Contact: Kimberly Wiacek at: (919) 202-0180. E-mail at: Visit our website at: Bred For Intilligence, protection, temperament & Beauty!!