English Bulldog Puppies For Sale in Ohio

Shrink-A-Bulls, Miniature English Bulldogs in Ohio

Miniature English Bulldogs www.miniature-english-bulldogs.com AKA Mini Bulldogs Shrink-A-Bulls, Miniature English Bulldogs We are now taking deposits to reserve a puppy from approved families for our upcoming litter of Mini English Bulldog puppies. Short, thick, stocky, heavily wrinkled with big beautiful heads. Come See our website: http://www.miniature-english-bulldogs.com/ have typical features of full sized English Bulldogs, only they are smaller Weight can range from 20 to 40 lbs. Mini Bulldogs are also shorter typically stand 10-14" at the shoulders. Please come see us at and lean all about the Mini Bulldog breed : www.miniature-english-bulldogs.com , Miniature English Bulldog that makes you feel so happy inside! Mini Bulldog puppies are amusing short, thick fill of wrinkles & love! That adorable Mini Bulldog 'sourmug' is so kissable! The Mini Bulldogs are a very lovable, loyal and family oriented companion with a craving for lots of love and attention in return. Miniature English Bulldogs also tend to be less prone to health problems as their cousins the English Bulldog. Visit: www.miniature-english-bulldogs.com Contact us at: champbulldogs@gmail.com