Doberman Pinscher Puppies For Sale in Georgia

Gaea Plantation Doberman Pinschers in Georgia

We specialize in breeding the finest in Doberman Pinscher and Chinese Crested dogs. Located in Southeast Georgia, Gaea Plantation enjoys a fairly warm climate all year round. As a result, all our dogs get plenty of exercise daily to help them maintain optimum physical condition and health. To say our dogs are well cared for would be an understatement. They are all loved family members that reside with us in our home. Outside they have 34 acres to play and a one-acre pond to swim and build muscle. We select dogs with excellent bloodlines, health and temperament, and provide them with the perfect environment and the best nutrition possible. As a result, we are constantly rewarded with their love and loyalty. Beyond that, they produce for us the most wonderful puppies. Placing these puppies in the proper homes is something that we take very seriously. Each puppy is matched to the potential new owner according to personalities as well as purpose. We feel totally responsible for bringing these babies into the world, so unless we feel that they are going to permanent, and loving homes, these puppies will not leave Gaea Plantation. Our top priorities are health, temperament and conformation. We do not breed, or provide stud service to any dog that is not up to our standards. Contact us at: Visit our website at: