Boykin Spaniel Puppies For Sale in Ohio

J & C Boykins in Ohio

As breeder of quality Boykin Spaniels for 10 years, we strive to produce sound, healthy, quality Boykins for quality owners. Our dogs are great for hunting, pet or show and have their hip and eye clearances. They make tremendously loyal companions and can perform in the field on many levels. Our foundation bitch, Hanna, is a producer of award winning offspring and our puppy buyers have been very satisfied with their expectations and then some. Our Boykins have a heart like no other; spunky, focused, yet sensitive are true and loyal to their owner. The Boykins goal in life is to be loyal and pleasing to their owner. Look into their eyes and you will know that their love is overflowing for you as their master. Please visit our websiteat www.jcboykins.comand you will see some of our wonderful companions. Our site is being updated, please visit often to see more beautiful dogs.Contact information: John Phillipscell number: (937)725-0783home number :(937) 383-2760email: